Make maps with the knowledge of your public

Create your first map for free

Use cases

Utilize the knowledge of your public to obtain new insights

Collect valuable information by using the knowledge of your audience. Analyze the collected data to find out what’s alive in your local community and how regions differ.

Crowdsource beautiful images

Call on your public to pin their momentous pictures on the map. Create a visual oversight of important events with the help of your audience.

Tell the tale through your audience

Generate and enrich news with the help of your audience. Bring affairs to light and incorporate the crowd’s input in your stories.

The features

With one click on the map, your public can share their input with you and the world. Ask specific questions and obtain the info that helps you in your project.

Easily moderate your public’s input by hitting the ‘approve’ or ‘discard’ button. Either show reactions only after moderation or display them on the map directly.

View the input on the map and share it with your audience. Browse, zoom in and zoom out to get new insights in local issues and regional differences.

With just one click, download approved responses in a csv-file. Analyze the data and visualize your insights by using LocalFocus or other visualization tools.

Mapgather is a product of LocalFocus