Crowdsource maps using the knowledge of your audience

What can you do with Mapgather?

Get insights with help from your audience

Which oak trees are infected by the oak processionary, a caterpillar that causes itching and other problems? The regional newspaper Brabants Dagblad asked its audience and received more than 9,000 responses. This gave them insight into the extent of the problem.

Example: Where did you spot the oak processionary caterpillar?

With Mapgather you gain new insights into what is going on in neighborhoods and how regions differ from each other.

Ask your visitors for photos

During a heat wave in the Netherlands, regional broadcaster RTV Oost asked its audience to take the best summer photos. That resulted in a nice collection of photos.

Example: Is it 40 degrees already?

You can use Mapgather to ask your audience for the best pictures of an event. In this way you create a visual overview.

Investigate local issues on a national scale

What are the most dangerous roads of the Netherlands? Together with 13 regional broadcasters, LocalFocus launched the Unsafe Traffic Reporting Point. The public submitted more than 16,000 unsafe traffic situations. Various municipalities and provinces started working with the results.

Read: How did we do this?

With Mapgather you can research local issues on a large scale.


Ask specific questions

Use open questions, multiple choice questions or ask for a photo

Manage responses

Moderate responses by approving or discarding

Download results

Download all responses as a spreadsheet


Publish the map with all responses on your website

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